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  • What is the difference between Marketing & Design and Professional Services?
    Marketing and Design services are for business owners, entrepreneurs, and or any individual who wants to showcase their services. ie (singing, speaking, business, organization, etc.) There are many services offered, logo designs, social media posts, website creation/design, business cards, etc. With our Professional Services, these services are for our career driven individuals. If you are seeking new employment, brushing up with your interviewing skills, and or cleaning up your resumé, we have have you covered. If you are unsure of what services you need, please send us a message and we will be happy to assist!
  • What if I decide that I want to revise my design, once I receive the final files?
    If you want to revise a design received. Please select Revisions and specify what you would like to change.
  • What if I want a design/edit faster than the specified timeframe?
    If you need your design/edit faster than the specified timeframe, please select Expedited Services in addition to the service needed.
  • Boss Life Babe's (BLB) main goal/mission is to assist women in reaching their full potiental by offering various services, informative talks, and community. Can men also seek help for their business/career goals?
    Yes, of course! Although Boss Life Babe's mission is to help women reach their full potential, we are excited to help anyone who needs professional and or business services. We've worked with multiple clients that were not women. Contact us today!
  • What is Boss Productions? What services are included?
    Boss Production is a service for video edits. We edit for any occasion, music, YouTube, reels, shorts, promo, birthdays, and TikTok videos (just to name a few). Depending on the editing type, the software we use varies. Some of our favorite editing platforms include, but not limited to Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Capcut (if requested).
  • When purchasing a logo, what is included?
    When you purchase a logo with BLB, there are 3 files included. PNG (Transparent), JPG, and PDF. SVG can be sent also, if requested. *Trademark and Copyright of work is the responsibility of the client.
  • What is the difference between Wix and Shopify?
    We've included a brief overview of the two platforms. Depending on your business needs and preferences, you can decided which platform fits your brand/business.
  • What I need is not listed, can it be done?
    If a service is not listed, contact us and tell us what you need. Most likely what you need falls within one of our services listed.
  • The website creation services is pretty high, what is included in the price?
    Website Creation Services includes a $200 fee plus any fees required by the platform to create the site. All required fees are for yearly subscriptions. We do not offer any website creation services that include monthly subscriptions. For example, Wix offers the plan Business for ($32 a month for 12 months). If you want to start off with a monthly subscription for Shopify or Wix, please purchase the site prior to contacting BLB. Once this is created, you can select Website Design Services. Will be able to assist in the creation of your website's look and feel.
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