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Finding Inner Peace & Forgiveness

In the words of Madea "when you getting got, somebody done got you, when you get them, everybody gonna get got" LOL!

When someone has wrong you, it is normal to want to get even or retaliate against them. Trust me we all been there. But, it does you more harm than good and ultimately interrupts your peace. Let's discuss why.

Think about all times you got mad when someone wrong you and the amount of anger or hostility it took, to show that person you were really mad (purposely doing things to show that you were mad, yelling, or showing gestures that you are upset with them). It takes too much energy to show anger than it does to disagree in silence or walking away.


Here are some tips that I've use that has helped me:

  • Meditation

  • Disassociation

  • Walking Away

  • Forgive But Never Forget


When I started practicing meditation and incorporating this in my daily routine, all the stress, disappointment, and other issues that affected me was put at bay. Meditating allows you to be in the now and assuring yourself that somethings are out of your control (which is okay). Now I am not saying Meditation takes all of those things away, but instead brings to a state of calmness and peace.


This is a big one! Learning to let go of things that do not serve us or that do us more harm than good. Maybe you're thinking your are not good enough (which you are), or thinking you can't find better (in which you can). If all it does is bring you stress, headaches, anger, and or sadness let it go.

Walking Away

This is the best thing you can do for yourself. Always choose you, no matter the circumstance! You can not pour from an empty cup. If the force you are trying to stay with whether it's a relationship, a job, a friend and it does not pour the same substance you are giving, you should question whether those things should remain in your life. Does it make you a better person? Or is it toxic and

Walking Away

non-serving? If it's the latter, its best to walk away from it. Like the songwriter says "I can do bad all by myself", and the bad being good, light, success in your endeavors, positivity in all aspects. It will hurt like hell, but its worth it. PEACE IS KEY IN ALL ASPECTS IN YOUR LIFE!

Forgive But Never Forget

I know so many people that hold grudges for the wrongs people have done to them. But why? If you are holding this anger in, it shows that this person is still affecting your peace, your happiness; its keeping you from loving yourself. I know you ask, how is this keeping me from loving yourself? When you love yourself, you don't let anything or anyone affect your inner peace and the happiness you have within yourself. So, take this opportunity to heal and forgive. I know easier said than done. However, the more you fall in love with yourself, the more it will be easier to forgive and move on because you know that you attract positivity, peace, and success. You will send them off and forgive them. But never forget. This will allow you to remember to NEVER go back to the entity that has hurt you. When someone does something to hurt you, believe them the first time!

Babe, you are beautiful, you are enough, and you are BOSS! You may have lost a lot things and or people. But never lose yourself! Never give up on yourself!

- LENA <3

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